Optimists are designed for kids

Why sailing?

Sailing is fun: a great social life.

Now and for the rest of your days Sailing is for all: tall? short? fat? thin? girl? boy? green with pink spots? – sailing is for you Sailing builds self-reliance, physical strength, quick thinking and a love of the environment Sailing doesn’t cost a fortune – we’ll talk about that later

Why the Optimist?

Optimists are designed for kids.

They can handle them without danger, fear or back-strain Single-handed is best. They didn’t learn to ride a bike on a tandem Over 150,000 kids in over 100 countries cannot be wrong. The Optimist is not only one of the biggest dinghy classes in the world, it is the fastest growing The only dinghy recognised by the ISAF* exclusively for under 16s *the world organising body for sailing Former Optimist sailors were over 50% of the dinghy skippers at the last Olympics Builders on five continents.

What is an Optimist?

“a flat-bottomed, hard-chine, pram-bow dinghy with a una spritsail”

“a bathtub that breeds the best sailors”

2.31m (7’6.1/2″) long, 1.13m (3’8″) wide. Weight 35kg (77lbs). Easily transported on top of any car, (where it will drip water over your shiny paintwork!). Safe and simple enough for an 8-year old Exciting and technical enough for a 15-year old Available in GRP, wood or wood/epoxy.